The city of Xylokastro was named after the homonym castle built by Venetians in 1260. The castle offers magnificent view of the Corinthian Gulf. It was ruined in 1402 by an earthquake. Later, it appeared again in the Venetian catalogues as Scilo Castro and Solo Castro. It afterwards appeared once again as Xilo Castro westwards of Sythas River.

Xylokastro is one of the largest municipalities in Greece. It has 25 villages and a population of seven thousand inhabitants. During summer the residents rise up to thirty thousand, as Xylokastro is very close to Athens. The city provides all comforts, satisfying even themost demanding travelers. It has many taverns with sea-food and fish such as stripes, gavros, atherina, gopa, etc.
At the west part of Xylokastro you will find many clubs and bars for your night entertainment. The summer cinema, the caiques, the church of Saint Vlasios and the sea create idyllic landscapes, really difficult to forget.
The famous Pefkias of 2 km length and 80 to 200 m width is located at the northeast part of Xylokastro, washed by the crystal clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf. In Pefkia visitors will have the chance to see 83 different species of flora like halepios pefki, shinos, myrtia, ligaria, phoenician pournaria, etc. Those species along with the rest 17 subsaline species create the famous ŤAesthetic Forestť of Pefkias. A narrow path passes though the forest creating a unique place ideal for long walks, running or relaxation by the sea…
Many grear men of letters like Sikelianos and Kariotakis were inspired by this place to write their poems. For many years Pefkias was a pole of attraction for many visitors. The east part of Xylokastro has beaches with small pebbles, while the marina, westwards, has long sandy beaches. All of them have been awarded with the Blue Flag. The lovers of water sports will find their paradise in Xylokastro. Windsurfing, jet-ski, fishing, water bike and swimming are some of the sports offered to all visitors.
Xylokastro has many churches and monasteries. The metropolitan church of the city, Saint Vlasios is situated at the center of Xylokastro. It was built during the 20th century on the remains of an ancient temple. It has unique pictures made by Sp. Vasiliou, Ang. Asteriadis and F. Kontoglou.
About 1,5 km from Xylokastro is the impressive church of Panagia Faneromeni. This church is influenced by the ancient Greek classical temples. The church of Panagia in Korfiotissa, half an hour from Xylokastro is dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary. It offers magnificent view of the Corinthian Gulf and the hilly Korinthia.

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